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Bob Was Hungry

(Denver, CO) - More than 50,000 Denver-area elementary school-aged children go hungry every weekend. Although public schools provide free and reduced-cost lunches during the week, the weekends often mean growling tummies.

Bob Was Hungry


Members of American Legion Northeast Post 630 (Blue Ash, Ohio) organized and promoted a canned food drive, declaring, No one should go hungry at Christmas time!" On Dec. 11, 2021, at St. Saviour Church in Rossmoyne, Ohio, on a cold and very windy Saturday, donors drove up to the collection point and Post 630 veterans helped to remove canned goods and food boxes from their cars. More than a pickup-truck-load of food was collected and given to the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Saviour. The collection of canned goods at Christmas time is an annual event for members of Post 630. The food is distributed to local families in need. In addition to the food, money was also donated.Post 630 also collected old and tattered American flags donors wanted to have properly disposed of. The collection of flags that need to be properly retired is an ongoing process for Post 630. More information may be obtained at 041b061a72


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