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Hazrat Musa Story In Urdu Pdf NEW! Free

it was the knowledge of this power that made the pharaoh afraid. because of this fear, he offered to release musa and his brother prophet aaron as (harun) and let them go if they would find favor in their sight. musa and his brother prophet aaron as (harun) knew that this fear that the pharaoh had was unfounded. this was because allah had told them that if they were obedient to the pharaoh, he would be pleased with them and he would be pleased with them. therefore, they said no and said that if the pharaoh would not release them, then they would leave the country and they would go to their lord and they would inform their lord about the situation. they said that if their lord would take them back, they would willingly go back. so the pharaoh did not release them, and they left the country. (musa and aaron as were also saved from death by allah because they had offered to inform allah about the situation before leaving egypt.)

hazrat musa story in urdu pdf free


prophet musa as and his brother prophet aaron as (harun) went to the wilderness and stayed there for 20 years. during this time, they stayed in hiding. they were taught the knowledge of guidance. these were the days of the birth of the beloved prophet jesus as. these were also the days when allah the most high sent down all the verses of the holy quran. the power of god which was revealed to moses as was nothing but the power of his beloved son jesus. the knowledge that prophet musa as had was the knowledge of his beloved son jesus. the power which he possessed was the power of his beloved son jesus.

musa as was also an accomplished quran reciter and a true poet. he was also the son of his father, prophet imran and his mother, prophet bilaq. he was the second of the ten perfect prophets (ahlul-bait) according to the view of shia sect.


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