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How to Get Naathh - Ek Pratha Hindi Dubbed 720p Torrent for Free - The Ultimate Guide

Naathh - Ek Pratha: A Controversial Movie About Rajasthan's Dark Custom

If you're looking for a movie that will shock you, challenge you, and make you think, then you might want to watch Naathh - Ek Pratha. This movie is a bold and daring portrayal of a dark custom that still exists in some parts of Rajasthan, India. The custom is called Nath, which means nose ring, and it involves forcing young girls into prostitution by piercing their noses with a ring that signifies their ownership by a pimp.

Naathh - Ek Pratha in hindi dubbed 720p torrent

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Naathh - Ek Pratha is a movie that exposes this brutal practice and its impact on the lives of the victims, their families, and their society. It also raises questions about gender inequality, human rights, and social justice. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Naathh - Ek Pratha, including its story, cast, crew, performance, reception, and where you can watch it in hindi dubbed 720p torrent.

What is the story of Naathh - Ek Pratha?

Naathh - Ek Pratha is a movie that tells the story of two sisters, Kajri and Chanda, who live in a village in Rajasthan. Kajri is married to a man named Ratan Singh, who is abusive and violent towards her. Chanda is unmarried and dreams of escaping her oppressive environment. One day, Ratan Singh decides to sell Chanda to a pimp named Lala Ram Singh, who pierces her nose with a ring and forces her into prostitution.

Kajri tries to save her sister from this fate, but she faces resistance from her husband, her family, and her society. She also discovers that Lala Ram Singh is not just a pimp, but also a powerful politician who has connections with the police and the media. Kajri has to fight against all odds to rescue her sister and expose the truth behind Nath b70169992d


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