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Mohd Ridzuan Mohamad Sharip

Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4 (full Crack)

Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4: The Complete Entertainment Solution for the PC

If you are looking for a software that can handle any video, audio, or karaoke show with ease, you should check out Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4. This software is brought to you by Tricerasoft, the creators of the MP3+G karaoke format. It has many features that will make your show awesome and professional.


Some of the features of Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4 are:

  • It can play various media files, such as video, VCD, DVD, CD+G, CD-audio, karaoke media files (audio+G), audio files, and video sources (cameras, DV).

  • It can automate your show or let you take full control. You can enable auto crossfade, next singer display, queue mode, and playlist presets.

  • It has beautiful video and audio crossfading and 43 unique video transitions.

  • It has a 32 band equalizer, master pitch and tempo control, and lighting control (DMX, relay, and dimmer).

  • It has a remote request tool that allows your audience to request songs from a remote machine.

  • It has a key/tempo settings that can be saved in playlist files.

  • It has a CD+G disc playback and ripping tools, export songbook creator, and a very cool slideshow feature.

  • It has a video montage feature that allows you to use bluescreening/chromakey effects.

  • It supports MIDI controllers, such as Numark DMC-1 v2 controller, Hercules DJ console, and ATI remote wonder.

  • It supports FreeFrame plugins and WinAMP AVS visualizations.

  • It can customize any function to a key and analyze the BPM of MP3, MP3+G, and videos.

  • It has 8 cue points per deck (8 intro/1 outro) and a mini web broadcast feature.

How to use Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4

If you are wondering how to use Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4, you will be glad to know that it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. You can drag and drop your media files into the playlist, or use the internal importing tools to add them. You can also use the data exporter to export your playlist data to a CSV file. You can preview your media files on the large preview monitors, or use the live & cue, preview, or monitor features to control what you see and hear. You can also adjust the volume, balance, pitch, tempo, and equalizer settings for each deck.

Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4 also allows you to customize your show with various options and effects. You can change the CDG background image live, or use a high resolution image behind the CDG graphics. You can also apply different video effects, such as colorize, emboss, invert colors, mirror horizontal/vertical, mosaic, motion blur, negative colors, noise reduction, oil painting effect etc. You can also add text overlays or scrolling messages on your videos. You can also mix audio and video sources together using the mixer feature.

Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4 is a powerful and versatile software that can meet all your entertainment needs. You will not regret choosing Tricerasoft Swift Elite 4 as your multimedia solution for the PC.


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