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Navigationssoftware Windows Ce 6.0 44

Navigationssoftware Windows Ce 6.0 44

Navigationssoftware Windows Ce 6.0 44 is a term that refers to the navigation software that runs on devices with Windows CE 6.0 operating system and a screen resolution of 480x272 pixels. Windows CE 6.0 is a version of Windows Embedded Compact, a lightweight and modular operating system designed for embedded devices such as handheld computers, car navigation systems, industrial controllers, and more. Navigation software is a type of software that provides directions and maps for users who want to travel from one location to another by various means of transportation.

There are many navigation software options available for Windows CE 6.0 devices, depending on the user's preferences and needs. Some of the most popular ones are:


  • NAVeGIS: NAVeGIS is a free and open source navigation software for Windows Mobile and WinCE devices. It uses vector maps instead of pixel maps, which makes them scalable and easy to read. It has a clear menu structure, good functionality, pleasant look, and good adaptation to different screen formats. It supports various map formats, such as OpenStreetMap, Navteq, TeleAtlas, and more. It also has features such as GPS tracking, realtime routing engine, voice guidance, speed limit warnings, and more.

  • Sygic: Sygic is a professional navigation software for fleets and individual users. It offers high quality and stability on less powerful devices with its 2D version of the navigation software, which has been on the market for 8 years and is in constant development. It supports various processors, screen resolutions, and storage options. It also has features such as truck routing, traffic information, speed cameras, lane guidance, junction view, and more.

  • iGO: iGO is a premium navigation software for personal and professional use. It offers a 3D version of the navigation software, which provides realistic and detailed views of the surroundings. It supports various map providers, such as HERE, TomTom, Navteq, and more. It also has features such as online services, live traffic, weather forecasts, parking information, fuel prices, and more.

These are some of the examples of navigationssoftware windows ce 6.0 44 that can help users find their way in any situation. They can be downloaded from their official websites or from other sources online.


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