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Broken Angel Hd 720p Official Video

Broken Angel - A Song by Arash and Helena

Broken Angel is a song by Swedish-Iranian singer, entertainer and producer Arash and Swedish singer Helena. It was released in 2010 as the second single from Arash's third studio album, Superman. The song is a pop ballad with influences of Persian music and features lyrics in both English and Persian. The song became a hit in many countries, especially in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, where it topped the charts in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iran.

The song tells the story of a broken-hearted man who is pleading with his lover to come back to him. He expresses his pain and sorrow in both languages, saying that he is lonely without her and that he cannot live without her. He calls her his broken angel and asks her to save him from this dark world. The song has a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase "I'm so lonely broken angel" four times.

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The song has an official music video that was directed by Fred Khoshtinat and released on YouTube in November 2010. The video has over 200 million views as of September 2023. The video shows Arash and Helena singing in different locations, such as a desert, a city, a beach and a nightclub. The video also features scenes of Arash being arrested by the police and Helena being kidnapped by some thugs. The video ends with Arash escaping from the police and rescuing Helena from the kidnappers.

The song has also been remixed by various DJs and producers, such as DJ Aligator, DJ Antoine, DJ Raaban and DJ Smash. Some of these remixes have their own music videos as well. The song has also been covered by other artists, such as Akcent, Edward Maya and Sami Yusuf.

Broken Angel is a song that showcases Arash's talent and versatility as a singer and producer. He combines his Persian roots with modern pop music to create a unique sound that appeals to a wide audience. He also collaborates with Helena, who adds her sweet voice and charm to the song. Broken Angel is a song that touches the hearts of many people who have experienced love and loss.


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